MARCH 30, 2022

Since the advent of human civilization, we have accumulated ourselves in population centers to facilitate the exchange of goods and ideas. As construction technology improved and population increased, population centers engaged in vertical development to fit more people into the same area of land. The advent of elevator technology supercharged development of taller and taller buildings starting with the late 19th century through today, with countries still competing for who can build the tallest skyscraper.

However, unmoored as it is from boring things like physics and weather, the metaverse is set to shatter antiquated ideas about real estate and revolutionize the way we live. We predict a new type of building will flourish in the metaverse: the spacescraper.

Gamers, celebrities, and ordinary people are flocking to this new Wild West in search of virtual land and bitcoin. Our trend analysis suggests the long-term outcome will be metaverse platforms housing millions of people, kind of like The Matrix.

American tech giants have poured billions of dollars into building out the metaverse, with billions more committed. With the continued migration of people into the metaverse, population density is set to explode over the coming years. Forbes recently published an astonishing projection that the metaverse could be a $1 trillion market.1 It is simply too big an opportunity to ignore.

We are prepared for this moment with new products and ideas, and we are jumping in head first.

Here at Urban Elevator, we have been hard at work developing a vertical transportation solution to the inexorable conundrum: how do you go up and down a spacescraper? Don’t worry, with our patented NFVT technology, your avatar’s virtual flesh-and-bones can be safely transported up and down any meta-building!

What is a NFVT? Well, you’re probably familiar with NFTs, otherwise known as non-fungible tokens, which are essentially unique digital assets. Expanding on this principle, we’ve created a product called the Non-Fungible Vertical Trolley, or NFVT for short. It contains all the typical safety equipment you’d expect on an elevator, coded using our proprietary methodology, and we’re able to install it on any of the major metaverse platforms.

Here’s the best part: because it’s not real, we can do anything you want!

Undulating sea creatures hanging from the ceiling?

Fully stocked wet bar?


We are able to engineer a product to suit your wildest imagination, and because our product exists on the blockchain, each one is totally unique and cannot be copied, stolen, or sold without your consent. Our revolutionary NFVT way of trading virtual elevators protects the value of your investment by allowing you total control over its use and ultimate disposition.

We encourage you to learn more by visiting our website at We also encourage you to connect with us on LinkedIn, where we will be posting more information on these revolutionary products as time goes on.


Rene Hertsberg is Co-CEO of Urban Elevator Service and a graduate, cum laude, of Emory University School of Law.

Rene is an avid consumer of all things digital and considers himself an amateur metaverse expert. He was previously an expert in cryptocurrencies. Before that he was an expert in Sim City. Before that... well it doesn’t really matter, does it?


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