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New virtual elevators are installed across the metaverse every hour

Urban Elevator has pivoted to providing bespoke virtual elevator solutions for your virtual building in the metaverse. Custom designed by our digital elevator specialists, we are able to provide you a unique product that suits your every need and desire. Each digital elevator is tokenized to protect the value of your investment into the future by our new NFVT™ technology.

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Meta Elevator has developed a proprietary Virtual Lift Technology Platform that blurs the barriers between real and digital. Our Vertical Physics Engine delivers decentralized persistent immersive experiences in AR/VR, optimized by Urbanalytics™ the best in class predictive Y-axis modeler.


We utilize and Avatar-first approach to Space + Object intersection dynamics. Lift experiences are designed from the code up to leverage elegant scripting of data assets. Collaboration with our team is seamless with extended reality (XR) toolsets in instantly deployable private environments.


Each virtual elevator is tokenized as an immutable asset when written to the blockchain ledger with our NFVT technology. To further enhance digital-physical interaction Meta Elevator offers an IoT toolset to link real world elevator actions to their meta verse counterparts, an industry first mixed reality experience.

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we code elevators

crafted to suit your avatar's needs

METAVERTICAL is rapidly expanding across the 'verse, bringing NFVTs™ to every virtual city in every imaginary platform that we service. You can feel confident knowing professional avatar team has the know-how and technical expertise to supply the correct digital products tailored to your specific needs.

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